Alex Woolf

Principal Data Scientist, Lineage Logistics

Alex Woolf currently oversees energy efficiency and load shifting initiatives at Lineage Logistics. Woolf obtained a PhD in applied physics from Harvard University in 2014 and holds an Ammonia Operator I certification from the Garden City Ammonia Program. Woolf is an inventor on three patents related to the design, automation, and efficiency of refrigerated warehouses.

Terry Wright

Founder & CTO, ClearCove

Terry Wright, the founder and CTO of ClearCove, has over four decades of engineering experience. He has designed fourteen biological WWTPs and two phys/chem WRFs, including a 100% sustainable WRF treating creamery and cheese waste process water. He also has thirteen patents and was awarded the Distinguished Inventor of 2017 for his work in sustainability. Wright has participated in multiple expert workshops in Washington, D.C., with NSF, WRF, and EPA on regulatory policy and adoption of innovative technologies in the area of wastewater treatment.

Erick Watkins

Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Pacific Coast Producers

Erick Watkins has spent nearly 20 years in the safety and environmental field. During this period, he worked with the military, government, and private industry. Watkins is an alum of the University of California, Davis, and is the Director of Environmental Health & Safety for Pacific Coast Producers, an agricultural cooperative owned by over 160 family farms located in Central and Northern California.

Jim Parks

Program Manager, SMUD

Jim Parks is a program manager in the Energy Strategy, Research and Development department at SMUD, overseeing energy efficiency, electrification, grid modernization, and demand response R&D activities. He has an electrical engineering degree and over 25 years of experience in the utility industry.

John C. Morris

Vice President, Market Development, D+R International

John C. Morris is the VP of Market Development for D+R International. Since 2014, Morris has conducted outreach and education to utilities and utility commissions across the U.S. Morris and his team at D+R International also created the first Utility Line Extension Calculator to help growers forecast facility energy upgrade costs. In 2016, Morris cofounded the Resource Innovation Institute, an international nonprofit dedicated to providing certification standards, technology reviews, and a market-based platform for best practices on resource conservation in the cannabis industry.

Matthew McGregor

Strategic Account Advisor, Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD)

Matt McGregor is a Strategic Account Advisor with SMUD. With the cannabis industry coming into SMUD’s service territory, he took on the industry segment in December 2016 and has been serving it exclusively since May 2017. He has become the subject matter expert for the Cannabis Operations department within SMUD. Learning about the new segment and how to actively engage, collaborate, and partner with his customers has given SMUD the opportunity to understand the industry’s unique energy needs.

Ann Marie Mastrippolito

Program Portfolio Manager, Industrial & Ag Programs, CLEAResult

Ann Marie Mastrippolito manages utility client relations and program operations across Northern Californian utility industrial and agricultural programs, including food processors, oil and gas producers, and dairies, wineries, and breweries. By providing leading-class energy management and programmatic services across commercial, industrial, agricultural, and public sectors, Mastrippolito empowers people to define and meet their goals. Mastrippolito directs the work of managers and employees assigned to the programs from technical, marketing, operations, analytics, and administrative areas.

Michael Lozano

Senior Mechanical Engineer, California Energy Commission

The Senior Mechanical Engineer for the CEC’s Energy Efficiency Research Office since 2005, Michael Lozano specializes in managing demonstrations and developing grant funding opportunities for natural gas energy efficiency research projects. He was a member of the scoring committee for the Emerging Technology Demonstration Grant series, which funded 38 projects with over $34 million from 2009 through 2015. A registered Professional Engineer in both Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Lozano graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a BS in civil engineering and an MBA and from Texas A&M University with a MEng in civil engineering.

Frank Loge

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Center for Water Energy Efficiency, UC Davis

Frank Loge is Director of the Center for Water-Energy Efficiency and, at the University of California, Davis, a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the current holder of the Ray B. Krone Endowed Professorship in Environmental Engineering. His research efforts focus on the energy and health implications of engineered and natural systems, designing sustainable systems and technologies, data security and privacy, and entrepreneurship. Loge holds a PhD in civil and environmental engineering from UC Davis and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of California.

Eric Kirchhoff

Commercial & Industrial Services Manager, SoCalGas

Eric Kirchhoff has over 20 years of experience in the building and energy field, from design and managing design teams, being chief engineer at construction sites, leading energy engineering teams, and developing implementation plans for utility energy efficiency portfolios, to managing SoCalGas’s account executives. A licensed mechanical engineer with papers published on passive cooling systems, Kirchhoff has presented at the International District Energy Association conference on virtual chiller plants and at the Energy Resource Center on foodservice testing as well as the challenges and solutions for utilities, public utility commissions, and customers in energy efficiency.

Tyler Kearns

Owner, SevenLeaves Products

Tyler J. Kearns is the President of Gold Country Green and owner of SevenLeaves and has over seven years of experience in the commercial cannabis industry as a cultivator and processor of medical and adult-use cannabis for dispensaries across California. SevenLeaves runs on 100% renewable energy and is expanding from 21,000 sq ft to almost 72,000 sq ft of flower canopy. SevenLeaves and SMUD have worked together to study the incorporation of LED lighting and cloud-based controls at SevenLeaves’ facilities in Sacramento.

Olivier Jerphagnon

Founder & CEO, PowWow Energy, Inc.

Olivier Jerphagnon is a serial entrepreneur with a talent for bringing new technology to market. PowWow Energy, which he founded, won Cleantech Open in 2013 and recently completed a $2.3M grant for the CEC in collaboration with University of California, Davis, and University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Prior to that, Jerphagnon was CEO of Monitoring Division, which sold professional services to telecom carriers worldwide using patented data sensing and machine learning technologies from Melbourne University. Jerphagnon holds an MS from UCSB.

Casey Houweling

Chairman, Houweling’s Group

Casey Houweling is a passionate farmer, entrepreneur, and innovator. The second generation of his father’s namesake business, Houweling started stewarding the Vancouver-based floral greenhouse operation into vegetable production in 1985. Along the way, he expanded his operations into year-round greenhouse vegetable production with farms in Camarillo, California, and Mona, Utah, all while building a reputation for being an industry innovator in yield-boosting technology and sustainability.

Philip Gleckman

Chief Executive Officer, Sunvapor

Dr. Philip Gleckman has pursued a range of advanced solar energy technologies over the last thirty years, including photovoltaics, solar thermal power, and solar lasers. Before founding Sunvapor, he served as the CTO at Areva Solar, which built India’s largest solar thermal power plant. He was also a technical leader in Google’s renewable energy research group. He holds degrees in physics from the University of Chicago and MIT and more than thirty patents.

Paul Delaney

Senior Engineer, Southern California Edison

Paul Delaney has been an energy and environmental professional for 40 years and is currently the Process Technology Area Lead with Emerging Products at SCE. Delaney was former Vice President for American Utility Network and National Account Manager for Edison Source. He leads Edison’s efforts to evaluate new technologies using natural refrigerants as energy efficient alternatives to systems using refrigerants with high global warming potential. Delaney holds a BS in environmental engineering from California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

Troy Davis

Energy Group Manager, Mayekawa USA MYCOM

Troy is the Energy Group Manager for Mayekawa USA MYCOM promoting the use of natural refrigerant equipment solutions. He works with customers introducing Mayekawa’s natural refrigerant solutions and how to integrate this technology into their new and retrofit projects, focusing on overall energy cost reduction and carbon emission reduction. He has worked in the Commercial/Industrial Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry for 30+ years with Mechanical Contractors and Engineering Firms across the Globe.

Raymond D. Cole

President & CEO, Axiom Engineers

Raymond D. Cole is a practicing consulting engineer in the areas of industrial refrigeration, facility energy systems, HVAC, and process systems. The clientele includes companies in food and beverages, biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and agriculture. Cole is CEO and President of Axiom Engineers, a multi-office mechanical engineering consulting firm in the San Francisco Bay Area servicing these markets plus education, commercial, and residential projects.

Andrew Campbell

Executive Director, Energy Institute at Haas, U.C. Berkeley

Before joining the University of California, Berkeley, Andrew Campbell worked for Tendril, an energy efficiency and demand response company, and Sentient Energy, a grid management technology provider. Previously, he was Energy Advisor at the CPUC, where he led successful efforts to adopt policies on Smart Grid investment and data access, electric vehicle charging, demand response, and dynamic pricing. Campbell has also worked for Citigroup and ExxonMobil. Campbell earned a master’s degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and economics from Rice University.

Andrew Blume


Indoor Agriculture Entrepreneur

Andrew is an entrepreneur, thought-leader, and community organizer in the indoor agriculture sector. On his modern farming journey, Andrew has worked with many notable organizations including: Southern Company, Microsoft, Philips, Ikea, Square Roots, LACI, and Aerofarms. Andrew's most recent project has been co-founding a design-build greenhouse firm called BlueHouse.